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Who I am and what I do as a INTERNET MARKETERS

I am a loving, inspiring, creative man.

My purpose is to challenge and inspire others to connect, create, and contribute. I’m your teammate in discovering your gifts and sharing your art with the world.

You can check out some of the crazy stuff I do to make this world brighter and better in the navigation bar above.

Thank you so much for stopping by – create a lovely day :)

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The Aftermath of 9,632 Days
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Featured Posts by Joshua Voiles

Daring Greatly_v2
Nov 12, 2014

Daring Greatly – An Original Song Inspired by Brené Brown

“DARING GREATLY” – A song about my perspective of what it means to be a man. Greatly inspired by a […]

How to Forgive Yourself_1
Jan 3, 2014

How to Forgive Yourself and Others…

How to Forgive Today, you’re going to learn how to forgive yourself and others, let go of anger and resentment, […]

Sep 21, 2013

9,632 Days (A Poem)

It’s been 9,632 days and I’m still broken I’m defective like a clock that was hammer-smashed by Captain James Hook […]

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